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Hoover Platinum Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Platinum Upright is a canister vacuum cleaner with unusually elegant appearance and modern features, perfect to be at every modern house, flat and apartment. The vacuum is light, strong in suction and has different cleaning functions for easier household cleaning tasks. It also has special feature to prevent common problems every allergic and asthmatic person must face; the canister prevents dust puffs once all the dirt sucked up. Continue reading

Pure Komachi 2 Fuchsia Chef Knife

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Pure Komachi 2 is a chef knife that provides excellent, precise cutting works; from cutting to slicing and mincing, with beautiful monochromatic colors that help you both in brightening the kitchen and providing food safety warranty. With rustproof and corrosion proof material, ergonomic handle and high carbon blade, Pure Komachi is a great partner for all cooks and chefs. Continue reading

Evenflo Tribute Baby Sport Car Seat

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Evenflo Tribute Baby Car Seat combines comfort, safety and ergonomic aspects to make your baby feels safe and comfortable at the same time. The pink Daisy Doodle theme softens the tough appearance and will make any vehicle interior looks more cheerful. This car seat is great for busy parents who want a chair that is easy to install, comfortable for the kids, safe and easy to clean.


Evenflo Tribute is made of 100% high quality polyester, makes it easy to clean. It has multiple shoulder harnesses with upfront adjustment system. The release system is using a buckle for quicker and easier adjustment. The plush pad is comfortable and can hold up to 40 pounds of burden. The Daisy Doodle theme comes in pink color with cheerful printed flowers all over the pad. Continue reading